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This Web site is meant to be informative and to provide additional means to contact me.  It has the following sections:

  1. Welcome and Introduction: The layout of the Web site is given.

  2. Announcement: A copy of my press release announcing my run for re-election as your Fourth Ward Council Member.

  3. Family: A chance for me to show off my wonderful family!

  4. Why I'm Running: An explanation for my motivation for running.  Spoiler alert: to serve you.

  5. Preparation & Service - Acrostic: An easy-to-remember highlight of what I bring to the position.

  6. Preparation & Service - Summary: A listing of my qualifications.

  7. Contact: There are numerous ways to contact me.  Your input is vital in my service to you.

Thank you for allowing me to represent you as your Fourth Ward Council Member.  I take the responsibility seriously.  I view the position as a public servant and the hard work I devote is to serve you.


I am in my twelfth year as your Fourth Ward City Council Member.  My service to you spans portions of four decades (from 1984-1991 and 2018-current).  This gives me a perspective that is both unique and helpful on Council.

Please enjoy the Web site.  And, definitely don't hesitate to contact me!

William J. Herald

About a two-minute introductory video that goes well with the BG Independent News ad. Note that video should state: "Overall, I'm in my twelfth year serving the citizens as Fourth Ward City Council Member.  And, because of the times that I've been on Council, it actually spans portions of four decades.


Herald Seeks to Continue Service on B.G. City Council


Current Bowling Green Council Member William J. Herald filed his petitions today (Jan. 11, 2021) to run for re-election to the Fourth Ward position on Bowling Green City Council.


Herald stated, “It has been an honor to serve the citizens as a Council Member for eleven years (these past three years as well as during my previous eight years).  The COVID-related issues over the past year make it even more essential to have someone on Council that has both current and past experience gained as an active Council Member for parts of four decades.  Given that there will likely be a number of new Council Members by this time next year this perspective and experience is especially important.  There is value in attending thousands of city-related meetings, reviewing the city budget over many years, consistently seeking citizen input, and investing the time into studying-and resolving-issues.”


Herald’s priorities include:  (1) assisting citizens in their interaction with their city government; (2) being vigilant in prudent budgeting; (3) improving neighborhoods, including streets and sidewalks; (4) encouraging proper economic development and assisting local businesses; (5) progressing in sustainability efforts; and (6) providing increasingly efficient and responsive city services.


His current Council Committee work includes chairing the Transportation and Safety Committee and active work on the Finance and Ways and Means Committee and the Community Improvement Committee.  In the past, he was President Pro-Tem of Council, served on all seven of its committees at one time or another, and chaired over half of the committees.


Herald has held forty-four quarterly meetings to allow citizens an additional forum to obtain updates and to voice concerns.  Herald has also provided newsletters and questionnaires to communicate with citizens.  He can be reached at williamjherald@gmail.com and 419 352-6644.


Herald has over twenty-seven years of business experience.  He is currently a data scientist for First Solar.  In addition, Herald also has over ten years of full-time teaching experience with Bowling Green State University and the University of Toledo.


Herald’s education includes a Bachelor of Science degree from BGSU, a Master of Science degree in Applied Statistics from BGSU, a Master of Arts degree in Public Administration/Policy from BGSU, and a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Management from Ohio State University.


Herald has been a Bowling Green resident for over forty years.  He and his wife, Karen, are proud parents of Jonathan, who passed last year, Joel, and Amy. They are also grandparents to four grandchildren.  Karen retired from teaching Kindergarten after almost thirty years.  Bill and Karen are long-time members of Covenant Church in Bowling Green.




I have been blessed with a wonderful family.  Below is a family picture taken while our son, Jonathan, was still with us (Jonathan passed unexpectedly in 2020; I'm just not ready to switch out the photo yet).  Pictured from left to right are: granddaughters Ellie and Brooke, daughter-in-law Lesley, son Joel, Bill, wife Karen, son Jonathan, granddaughter Kaitlyn, daughter Amy, and grandson Zachary.

Why Am I Doing This (Running for Council)?

Why am I doing this?  The answer’s quite simply to serve.


"I’ve always seen the job as being a public servant.  The most important part of the job is helping the citizens.  This service includes acting as an intermediary between the citizen and their local government.  This service also includes actively going out and seeking citizen input as a vital part of the decision making process.  This service includes thoroughly analyzing an issue before an important vote.  And the service includes proactively identifying legitimate areas for improvement and fashioning a solution.  Quite simply, I have a passion to serve. …


I’m prepared to passionately work hard serving the citizens of Bowling Green.  I ask for the opportunity … to serve."


The video below was filmed almost four years ago while running for returning to Council.  Much of the video is as applicable today as it was then.  In fact, the above quote applied then and holds true today.


Preparation & Service - Acrostic


Preparation & Service - Summary

​Bowling Green City Council Experience

(almost 12 years)



(27+ years)




(11+ years)


(4 university degrees)

Other Service to



  • In fourth year as current Fourth Ward City Council Member (2018-current).

    • Chair of Transportation & Safety Council Committee;

    • Member of Finance and Community Improvement Council Committees.

  • Eight years previously serving and leading as Fourth Ward Council Member (1984-91).

    • President Pro-Tem of Council;

    • Served on every Council Committee;

    • Actively sought citizen input.

  • 20+ years in research-related jobs, currently Data Scientist with First Solar.

  • 5+ years with Owens-Corning, as Senior Systems Analyst.

  • 2+ years with Cooper Tire Company, as Corporate statistician.

  • 5 years as full-time instructor at Bowling Green State University (BGSU).

  • 6 years as full-time instructor at the University of Toledo (UT).

  • Former part-time instructor at Owens, BGSU, UT, and other colleges.

  • Ph.D. from Ohio State University in Public Policy and Management.

  • Master of Arts degree from BGSU in Public Administration/Policy.

  • Master of Science degree from BGSU in Applied Statistics.

  • Bachelor of Science degree from BGSU in Mathematics & Computer Science (cum laude).

  • Regular attendance at Not in Our Town and East Side Residential Neighborhood Association meetings.

  • Former Head Coach for youth baseball teams.

  • Former 5th-6th grade Sunday School teacher.

  • Married to Karen (45 years) with children Jonathan (passed in 2020), Joel, and Amy; daughter-in-law Lesley; and grandchildren Kaitlyn, Ellie, Brooke, and Zachary.

  • Member of Bowling Green  Covenant Church.

  • Over 40+ year resident of Bowling Green.


1030 Conneaut Avenue
Bowling Green, Ohio 43402
Phone Number
419 352-6644
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